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LOGGER: Mimi Minnick
REEL NUMBER: 3 Side 2  
STAGE: Michigan Narrative
DATE: 6/25/87  
PRESENTOR: Yvonne Lockwood
GROUP NAME: the sit down strike; life inside & outside the plants
Freddie Shearn
Burt Christensen
Shirley Foster
Bud Simons
Nellie Simons

1. Sit down strike
2. bud simons - plant infrastructure; contact w/main union office
3. bud simons - sabotage
4. [[strikethrough]] burt christensen [[/strikethrough]] inside opposition
[[left margin]] burt [[/left margin]]
5. [[strikethrough]] burt simons [[/strikethrough]] - the national guard
6. [[strikethrough]] burt [[/strikethrough]] freddie - poker games in the plant
7. nellie - soup, coffee, bologna sandwiches doctors, nurses
9. nellie - womens brigade - the motivation
10. Shirley - life outside the plant
11. bringing in food
12. concluding the strike
13. burt c. - 
q: whats your advice to auto workers today
I work at GM
What kind of radical solution to the exportation of labor & industry
bud: answer - boycott japanese