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January 4

1935 - Went to school as usual. In evening Dad Mr. Bartlett & I went bowling. I did terrible 1st game score 65 1st. & 102, 2nd had swell time 

1936 - Helped around a little started to clean shop. $1.00 from Uncle Crig. lunch. Mother, Sis & I to town. Sis & I to State "Irish in us A-" "To Beat the Band B" gone home 25ยข from Auntie Rudy 

1937 - School again. Chem Lect. Eng. beans. Chem lab. town with Partner got candy. beans. studied pau. 12 guys, bullfest in our room. on hasher argument.

1938 - Up early. to beans. sure cold. got pad lock welded. to Art. Finsished study. beans. to work. all afternoon. home beans. to theatre again. painted for Chief home shower

1939 - Up early. sore throat. breakfast to Galileo. took psychological test. talked with Hildebrandt. to town. to Dad's office, we looked for files, had lunch together. to Dulberfill 5. home. sup. rained a lot. read.

January 5

1935 - My Birthday 16 yrs young wonderful day. Got Midget Slide Rule, $1.00, & others. Then whole family went to Orpheum swell.

1936 - My Birthday 17 yrs young. swell day. received Bible, 2 pair socks. Tarzan book. cleaned shop Auntie Marg to dinner read book

1937 - My Birthday. held breath all day. fraid Daniels would remember. snowed quite abit. drug lab. shaved wrote part of letter. beans. couldn't study

1938 - Missed beans. to Art. home. got E letters from home & Dwight. $1. in each letter bean to theatre. worked around Chief. home beans to Chief Grand Opening! got cake from home doorman for while at Orpheum

1939 - Well I'm 20. had breakfast by fireplace. got slippers, pipe! pouch & tobacco, duster (for desk), hankerchief, $5, candy, stationery. stayed home. sore throat. Mother & I to store. rained all day. fixed container for Susie dividers. lunch. worked. ice cream sup. swell. read radio cards.
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