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JANUARY [[strikethrough]] 24 [/strikethrough]] 25

1935 Went to school. 4:00 went to
dentist Came home. Mr Harper 
called for us Dad & I went bowling 
did purty good, 1st game (90), 2nd (128)

1936 - Helped Mother. sleigh riding 
with Bud. Norma. Lilian, & Sis 
skiing. I to town Rialto "3 Musketeers" A 
"Way down East" A+. Swell pictures

1937 - Po beans. tried to study Chem. 
beans. to Eng'r Drw'g. for 3 hours. 
to room. studied. beans. made 25ยข punch 
on board for radio. tried to study for exam

1938 - missed beans. but breakfast. collected some 
money. to Art for little while. beans. to work 
lot to do. but shirt & socks. home beans. to Chief 
painted till 11 at theatre. home. tired

1939 - Up early. breakfast. made lunch Mother ill.
2 to Dulfers. finished sketch. there to 12. to commercial class bout same. lunch. to sketch class. made one fair one. to S.F. museum & art exhibit of water colors. swell.
home. sup. Joe Luis won fight. JP Ponce. 

JANUARY [[strikethrough]] 25 [[/strikethrough]] 24

1935 Went to school fixed 
permanent program  saw East 
West C teams play after school 
West beat 36-21 then came home. 

1936 School as usual. had fair 
assembly. town got some gum home 
shop. dinners. Mrs. Christionsens 
had baby girl. Dad went bowling. 

1937 - Up late. to beans. looked a funnies.  
lolled around. found knife. bull fest. 
beans. room. rearranged room. made 
lampshade for center light. tried to study

1938 - Up at 10. started on letter. to beans 
finished letter to work. got bookings did 
little painting. home. beans. to Chief saw 
part of show at Orpheum. home. studied little 

1939 - Up early breakfast. to store for Mother to Galileo got paints. to Yatch harbor with Sakaye.  painted some sure windy & cold. lunch. back to Galileo to Flax bot Allman palette (brdse porielen one this morning). to Dulfer. pen & ink sketch still. met Dad & Sis home. sup. nap. finished painting. 
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