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1935- Went to school had a good assembly by South went to dentist Susie & I went to freshman play at the U swell "The Baby Cyclone."

1936- Saturday. waxed floors took ashes out. helped arond. Sis out. Ms. D. & I town & I to Star A "The Good Fairy," B "Hop Along Cassidy"  home. tea. we got new clock

1937- School flunked in Hyg. had to get a petition to register gosh. letter to Dad. I spent $121.17 during 1st semester. beans. 4:30 to office went before the Scholastic Committee 5:25 not bad. beans. read etc.

1938- Missed beans. slept late. fooled around beans. snowed some. walked from work. painted alot. snowed. home beans. to Chief some fun. talked. home. bullfest. shower

1939- Up 7.30. breakfast. made lunch. stirred bread. to town. swell day. to Dulfers. almost finished letterhead. to commercial art. fair. got Guardsman (papa) my church watercolor reproduced. to sketch class. have graph to make for instr. home. nap. worked on large graph. bath.


1935- Saturday chopped wood played a while Susie & I went to State "The Cat's Paw" with Harold Lloyd swell & "Pursued" fair We walked home.

1936- Sunday - snowed alot. I to L.D.S. to see Jack Christ & Mrs. good to see him. home. snowed some more. thunder & lightning when snowing.

1937- To office no decision yet. Done read alot played cards. beans. read over at 2:00. reinstated at about 2:45. changed curriculum. registered program cost $87.50 saw Bursar about not paying. beans fried

1938- Beans. read. to Art. new kids at Art. beans. got bike. to theatre. painted alot. home beans. To Chief. bank nite busy to Orpheum painted. saw "Quick Money"

1939- Up late. rained most of day. to store for mother. to town with Sis. to Galileo. no class. Salsaye & I to S.F. museum. closed. Salsaye went home. I to Dulfer. lunch. finished lake merritt hotel. made 2 sketchs for 2 others home. folks to show. I sup alone. radio red. folks home. worked on sup.
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