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1935 - Sunday worked around the house in afternoon we went to a Christian Science Lecture looked around downtown Came home

1936 - School as usual. snowed alot about same as usual. home did some lessons listened to New Penny.

1937 - Over to Neilson. fixed up program. 17 credit hrs. to Eng. & Hygiene. beans. to Descriptive Geometry. sure hard. home fooled around. beans. read. fixed program again

1938 - Missed beans. to Art. did little. to assembly lousy. beans. to theatre painted all afternoon to 5:30 home beans. to theatre again painted 4 large displays on "In Old Chicago" home 12:45

1939 - up 7:45. breakfast. made lunch & bed. to town with Sis. to Dulfers. made Hotel Palomar & Hotel CasaNova. sketched chow dog for letterhead. lunch got paid $3.25 for work. home. sup listened radio. Sis to Roller Derby. I worked on chart. read late. rained today.

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1935 - School again started on Susie's eisle walked home with Art. Had nap. Susie went to Mildred's for dinner

1936 - School again. to town got T square 1.50 & French curve .50 for Jade Christ. They up to dinner had nice time seems good to see them.

1937 - To Art for 1st time for  [[?]] Des. Geometry, HouseCon., Postcard. boy poster going to be keen. beans. to Art. worked on glass drew squares, boxes, cans. sure fun. beans. bellfast. read studied

1938 - Missed beans to Art 1/2 hr late. to beans. walked to theatre painted date strips home beans. bike to Chief. saw part of Chan at Monte Carlo  & saw "Life of Emile Zolo" A marvelous

1939 - Up late. breakfast with Sis. stirred bread. Sis had call from White House to do art work. helped Mother dishes & stuff. finished 2nd chart. Dad home then we to store. had lunch. folks to show. I read all afternoon. Sis home. radio. sup. dishes. folks home late
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