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February 5
1935- School agin got designs for hot plate went down town bought things for Sis's eisles Mildred & Jack & Taurene were over.
1936- School again got tool in Machine Shop. home. got some candy & shoes laces. homer didn't feel very good radio lessons next.
1936- Fooled around bot charcoal paper library. Eng cards. beans. No Art class. slept read beans Mel Burrup & I together "After" Office Hours. "Bengal Tiger" shower
1938- Missed beans. to meeting at 10:30 p.m. home. beans. started letter. John Stanley got job at theatre painted a lot. home [[?]] to chief saw "Ebb B Tide". painted home late.
1930- Up 8:30. breakfast. All of us dressed car to beach some lecture on breathing. we all walked on beach envigorating! to Cliff house. [[?]] to Aquatic park rather odd place. home. read paper. worked on serap tea. radio. a lot. serap again. radio. cut serap. 

February 6
1935- Went to school went to a swimming meet W vs E walked home with Art. Art & I went to Sea Scouts. Les Hunsaker was over
1936- School again. home did some of lessons. radio. gotten terrible.
1937- To Geometry snowed all day. gosh. to room. got things packed. to town tools 1:30 bus home. Hubert Creasy quit school. had way. Mother & Dad home from Pocy. Dad & I to store sure a lot of snow here.
1938-Beans. read paper. wrote letter to Art. dressed for beans. wrote letter home to Joe Dvorale got bike to Chief. big crowd saw "Magnificent Obsession A+" well home
1939- Up 8. breakfast. helped mother with dishes made lunch. rained in morning. to Dulfer. not much to commercial class. nothing new. to sketch. tools 2 [[?]] to Luck[[?]] radio. worked on scrap. sis scratched me head real.
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