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February 7
1935- School had assembly fair came home Mrs. Hardy was here, then went out for awhile fond a dime! After supper had nap Harpers were over
1936- School again. snowed alot regular blizzard boy some wind. had fair assembly. got some grey suede shoes at Fellman & Cunner & socks.
1937- Up late. Mother & I to Mission snow alret drifts all over. made walnut T square swell dinner.  train to Poey. taxi to dorm. arranged stuff. printed bull fest unpen
1938- Missed beans. paid board. had nap. to beans. to town. Got trousers, shirt, tie, soap & toothpaste. painted a lot. home. beans to Chief about same. home. shower. bed.
1939. Up 8. breakfast. helped Mother with dishes. totes garden to pain. started to rain. to town shopped little to Dulfer made combination envelope & order blank. lunch worked till 4.30. home with Dad. rained off & on sup. Dad & Sis to Roller Derby. I worked on layout for commercial.

February 8
1935 - Went to school. started on a vase in copper. Came to dentist had tooth filled Came home went to school play "Boston Blues", fair -
1936 - Saturday helped around. taxis to town got shoes exchanged. all to Orpheus "Strike Me Pink" Cantor home had hair cut. read. drew pictures.
1937 - Beans. sure a blizzard blew all day. to Eng. room. tried to write theme. beans. to Forge sure fun. got complimented on work. sure got tired room. beans. bull fest in Jim's room. studekun pen 
1938 - Missed beans. to Art class painted little. beans. to theatre painted alot. got wire from home wondering why I didn't write. I wired back. home. beans. theatre saw part of drama
1939 - Up 8. breakfast. made lunch & bed. Sis & I to towr to Dulfer. made note bread for Hodel Devonshire. I commercial started laying in color on layout. lunch. to sketch class. 2 portraits. home. sup. Dad late. Mother & Sis to Unity meeting. I hung mirror in room. raced some. radice sweet day
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