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1935 - School, put feet on hot plate, had swell assembly. Came home Mr. & Mrs. Harper took Mother, Sis & I took us to "David Copperfield" swell Dad, went bowling.

1936 - Saturday. helped Mother snowed couple of inches. shoveled walks in shop. To Sea Scout Inspection by Mr. Keane from N.Y.

1937 - Had map. to Eng. home. beans. got dressed & went over to Gorge. finished ring worked on chisel to 5:30. sure tired. beans had map. bull fest. painted some. 

1938 - Missed beans. paid board. to Art. sketched. beans. snowed little. walked to work. paint some. home. beans. got bike to Chief 2 hrs. dressed. took a few pictures home.

1939 - Up early. Bernice left this morning. breakfast. dishes & beds. to town. to Dulfers. Pierre showed me how to work airbrush. fun. to bank, cashed check to commercial art. fun. still on Buckingham layout to sketch. good. home. bot violets. sup. Sis home late. Mother upset. read some. radio.

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1935 - Saturday went in shop cleaned up Sis + I went to Star. Mae West in "Belle of 90's" fair + "Here Comes the Navy" fair. We walked home.

1936 - Sunday. helped a little. gloomy day. washed hair, shop dinner. looked thru all Pop Sciences listened to radio.

1937 - To house construction 3 hrs. to poster painting beans to Art for 4 hrs. fun. home. bull fest. beans. fested wrote theme + part of letter

1938 - Missed beans. letter from Dad + pictures to Art sketched. beans. snowed some more. to theatre, painted. home. beans. walks to theatre Chief + back. saw dr. Powell signs

1939 - Up 7.45 breakfast. helped with dishes + beds. Sis off town early. Dr painting figures for T. Maggnino + to Tea Garden. finished landscape. lunch. to town. Duffer. Pierre not there. I finished letterhead. met Mother + Dad to St. Francis. saw "Pygmalion". home bite to cat. painted little.
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