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February 19

1935 - School again. bought some wood for chess table. had test in English. bought some oak for tool chest. walked home with Art listened to Palmolive

1936 - School again. bout same to town got emery wheel. 65ยข at Sears. home. dinner. Sea Scout meeting. petit of lessons.  Skip brot me home.

1937 - Painted un peu. to library. Art for hr. to Eng. Art 1/2 hr. beans. to art lab until 5:00. fun. beans. Partner. Hap & I to Strand "Cain & Mable" C+. "Show Them No Mercy" A+. home

1938 - Beans. swell. to meeting with Johnny. rode around. some. back to dorm. beans. to theatre with Johnny painted. Lundblade came up. home beans. walked to Chief. painted some. home.

1939 - Up late. breakfast. dishes read paper. we all dressed. ran for bus. to town looked at windows at I. Magnin saw (lifesize) sketches Sis did swell. took 3 pictures. took film to Benatars. home. supper. nap. radio. shined shoes. practiced lettering.

February 20

1935 - School finished hot plate had French Test came home had nap went to Sea Scout M. with Art, George & Dick D. book got 

1936 - School again. about same to town. got some bolts & wing nuts. home. dinner. shop. radio. did lessons. sent away for Saw Manual.

1937 - To Geometry lab. home packed. beans. painted. to town got coffeecake. train home. read. to Delzer's got Chan. met Mother & Dad & Eyglehorn at train. tea Dad 4 tests pulled. 

1938 - To beans. dorm read paper. bull fest. beans. wrote letter to Real Silk got bike to Chief. crowded. had em standing. looked a shows. home. worked on sign.

1939 - Up 7.30 breakfast dressed. helped dishes. to town with Sis. to Dulfer. pasted type on reproduction hotel [[duggs?]] to Galileo. Eche class. still on same layout. lunch. to sketch class. not much. home. sup. Sis got call from I. Magnin. nap. looked thru scrap. worked some.

Transcription Notes:
I. Magnin was a department store

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