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February 27
1935 - School again got reports good bat Dewey lost my card. Come home had map went to Scout Meeting had test. Art didn't come was sick

1936 - School again about same learned how to grind valves. to town got 7/32" steel drill at Sears. home in shop. Mr. Strauser over in shop

1937 - Go Geometry lab. to room. packed things read. beans. to town. got dog collar, candy coffee cake, $1.00 watch strap. train home.had nap. Some petite girls over. Mother and I met Dad at train from [[image of footprint]] read.

1938 - To beans, read paper bull fest alot worked on sign. beans. painted. got bike & to Cap. relief 1 hr., Orphewn 1 hr. to Chief regular time. [erased?]so[/erased?]  no part of [[shoro.?]] home painted.
1939 - Up early.made brush. dressed. breakfast with town to Dulfers. made hotel sketch. to Galileo Commercial class. almost finished layout. lunch. to sketch class. fair. home. Sis & I sup. folks out shopping. smoked little.

February 28
1935 - Went to school had baltalion parade got Red & Black Came home finished tie rack Went out for awhile I washed my hair.

1936 School again. had fair assembly. town got some coping saw blades 10ยข at Sears. Jack & I to Star "Man on flying trapeze" ^[B]  & "Roberta" ^[A+] again

1937 - Up late. breakfast. helped around Mother to church. I chopped wood. read alot. we all went for walk. Couple from Indiana [School??] over. took train to Poey. walked to dorm studied   

1938 - Missed beans. painted 2 signs rest of morning. beans to town. bot shaving brush 1.5, cream 75 & talc 25. theatre. painted alot. home. turkey beans. to Chief. part of [[show??]] home

1939 - Up 7.30. breakfast. made lunch. helped sister. to Japanese Tea Gardens. finished painting. lunch. car to town. to Dulfers. made monogram for calling card. talked a lot. [[Pierce??]] might go in business of his own with Dob the salesman. home. sup. read.

Transcription Notes:
Not sure if the "B" under the word "blades" in the 1936 passage belongs with the sentence above it or under it. - I think below and made revision.

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