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1935- Went to school made the 
bottom for my vase, Miss Qualtrough 
was back (good) Came home. 
flew my kite. Snowed some in evening

1936- School again. town got 
25 -5¢ envelopes. home in shop. dinner 
Jack + I to Scout Meeting. I got 
note book. home got cone. saw honey.

1937- No art. to Geom. to House constr. & 
showcard class. beans. to Art. painted 3 
signs for Neilson. Neilson put up all Maynard 
Dixon's pictures (swell!) beans. studied un peu.

1938- Missed beans. to Art. about same 
to beans. dorm. Blaine home. to work. 
painted some. home. beans. had map to 
Chief at 7. stayed to 11:30. Junior brot us home

1939- Up late. breakfast. Sis to Maguin again. I chopped wood. helped sister. to store. washed windows. Sis & Dad home. lunch. Sis + I to town. Golden Gate "Saint in San F." D vandovil fair. home. read little

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fired a thing for Mr Harper

1935- School again had assembly 
speaking about Lincoln  Sub for 
Cunnginham agin dang it had 
fellow from F.B.G.G walked home

1936- School again. about same as 
usual  home. To Lynsies. flew kite 
home. dinner. Mother & Sis for 
walk. radio. did lessons. 

1937 - Art for 1½ hr. Eng. saw Dwain Panoyer 
about signs. started on on far Lowe. beans. 
art lab. painted 2 swell signs. beans. to basket 
game & Opera C+  painted sign for Ken Reid. 

1938 - Missed beans. dressed. typed out ideas 
for show. Johnny & I to meeting. Cashed check 
dorm. beans. to theatre. painted. home. snowed 
hard off & on. beans. to Chief  painted. shower. 

1939 - Up late. breakfast. helped Dad basement. 
moved p pong table. Dad & I washed some windows.  read paper. folks for walk. I stayed home & worked on scrap. folks home. sup. Dad & Sis to lecture.  I worked on scrap. Mother read  we listened to radio.

Transcription Notes:
Does he actually write beans? I can't figure it out. Yes. It seems like a generic word for a meal or teatime, usually lunch. Sometimes he says "sup" which I assume means "supper". All guesses. He could be saying beams Does the first word say fired? *Yes, I think it says "fired"- maybe he fired a ceramics piece?

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