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1935- Went to Sunday School came looked at paper. went in shop M,D, & Sis went church had dinner nap Hodge over went in shop

1936- School again. about usual. lost key case in a way in locked locker. home. played catch. dinner. radio read lessons 

1937 - Studied a little to assembly on Astro. good morning to Eng. test in Hygiene. beans to Geom lab town. got bow tie 2 [brusles] shopped. home beans. started on Benedict's sign 

March 11 

1938 - Missed beans. to Art.  painted some beans.  walked to work. & back beans.  to Chief Johnny brot me home. dressed for Theatre party to Chief & to Heyward [?Jim].[?] danced on way home lot [?nec] 

1939 - Up late.  Helped around.  Mother & I to store.  stirred bread. made bed.  to town. had foot treatment 1.50 Dr De Lancry.  bot 1 Esquires. to Dulfers for while. home. red paper. had nap. sup. helped prepare for saturday. read dishes radio little.  

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1935 - School again started on a bowl in Copper came home went in shop Bud came over had dinner did lessons listened to radio.

1936 - School as usual home played catch with Bud. Jack & I to Scout meeting. Hatch drove us home in open car. little lesson

1937 - Wrote some. to Geom., to House Contr. & showcard class. beans. to Art lab finished picture. worked on sign. beans. finished sign. popped corn in Burrup's room. bed & fasted

1938- March. 9. to Art. etc.
forgot to write down

1939- up late dressed. breakfast. helped around. polished tea kettle. need paper. Sis & I p pong. Dad home. lunch I read some. folks had nap. I nap later. dressed. shaved. helped mother fin dinner. Mrs. [[?]], Ruby & Bill, Miss Louise Swanson, Betty Holiday & Mr. Vandall over to Swedish dinner. All played p pong & card games. All of us had fine time. really fun.
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