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March 12
1935 - School again sold a puzzel 5 ¢ [[sketch 1]], made a puzzel in Gan shope came home went in shop went to little store listened to Palmol

1936 - School again. got type paper home played catch with Bud dinner read a lot did lessons listened to radio. bath.

1937 - Loafed around. to Eng. Benedict came for sign got 75¢. beans. to Art lab. room. Penorrer? over. going paint more signs -> [[sketch 2]] shift to Lowe soft to polls. beans. painted all evening. Ed out. 

1938 - Got in bed. 3:30 A.M. whole nite up 8:30 wrote out idea. walked to Chief. raining little all day. meeting. dorm. beans. to work. home beans. bike to Chief. [[?]] painted home

1939 - Up 8. was going landscaping with Sakaye but it was too wet. nuts. back to bed. breakfast. folks to church I washed dishes. returned pot to Tracys. home. read paper. folks. Mother all tuckered out. bed rest of day. I read  alot. had sup. read. radio alot. Dad + I p. pong. worked on layout. radio

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March 13
1935 - School again after school Art + I look thru telescope at moon went to Scout Meeting sold 3 puzzles got FBCG plans

1936 - School again. bout some. Dad fair assembly. home. got haircut. dinner. Dad bowling read listened to radio washed hair

1937 - Slept thru beans. to Geo. lab. room, packed. painted "SLOW" sign beans. town with Daniels. bus home played wit Chan. met Mother + Dad at bus. had supper. read brot home posters

1938 - Missed beans. slept to 12. up. shower read papers. to beans. room. read. little nap. to Cap relief + Orpheum. snowed like dead Chief. saw "52nd Street" + "Prison Nurse"

1939 - Up 7:15 Monday. breakfast. dressed. did lot of dishes. car to town. Dulfers. finished wrapper. Dulfer had new stuff to ask me not to do work for Van. to Galileo worked on Ballet Russe. lunch to sketch class fair. home with Bob Dodd. radio. sup dishes. read paper. Dad + I p pong. swell day today.

Transcription Notes:
[[sketch 1: sketch of pen or rocket]] [[sketch 2: sketch of sign that says Slow Do Not Block?]] review: too many question marks so reopened

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