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1935- School as usual had an assembly St Patrick pretty good Aunty Margaret was over Dad went bowling went in shop

1936- Sunday Dad + I fixed fence on shop fixed Mother's cupboard dinner to Miriams looked at all store windows for contest home lasso

1937- Up 6:15 put up Slow Down Signs with Pen rested Reid lost out now between Lowe vs Smith noyer to library Eng. bull fested beans forge got grades  Art B House A Geom A Forge A Showcard A Eng D Hyg P beans library letter to Sis

1938- Missed beans sure tired to Art finished study  beans dorm wrote letter talked with John Stanley to Chief watched Halford did shift at Chief + Orpheum bat sup home shows

1939- Up around 7 breakfast made lunch to town Dulfe did paste up to Galileo Com. Art traced layout on board to sketch class fair home sup finished water color read Esky + Liberty Dad + J P Pong read sure tired

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1935- School again snowed alot got Tools tin  snips calipers rasp + continuous hinge went in shop Jack came over fixed game

1936- School again had assembly on liquid air test in machine shop home town again for contest Lena to dinner S + L out lessons

1937- To library studied for test test in Eng. assembly good beans to Art Neilson sent me to court house to County Superintendent about 2 signs painted beans finished signs to Yellow Jacket

1938- Beans swell dorm read paper nap to meeting  rained off + on all day letter from home beans fooled around read dressed to Chief kids all over Orpheum supper home shower

1939- Up 7 (Sunday too) breakfast got stuff together + bus to 9th St + Irving met Sakaye. we picked up Sato. we all to to Marin County in Sakaye Buick. painted on foam. swell day finished painting of barn. enjoyed day tops home 6 P.M. sunburnt. folks to fair. Sis landscaped at beach with brand.
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