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1935- Went to school, as usual had shower went to shoemaker went to little store spent 25ยข & I won twice. Got the lathe!

1936- School again. saw "The Challenger". home read Shadow Mother and Dad to Chaplin. dinner read did lessons. got stuff for [[image: doodle of a hammer]]

1937- Read. started on theme. to Eng. bull fest. beans(sure swell). to Art lab finished a picture in lab. beans. read alot. town with fellas. Orpheum "Swing High Swing Low" "We're on Jury"

1938- Missed beans. wrote up idea to Chief to meeting. home beans painted sign. dressed to to Chief painted some on door. to Oerpheus saw Mae West picture. supper. painted. home.

1939- Up late. breakfast. dishes. read paper. cloudy & cold today (Sunday). wrote to art. folk in garden they had nap. had tea. folks to lecture I stayed home. cut scrap. radio. finished letter. tried to get idea.

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1935- School again got report Wood-A Copper-B Drill-A French-B- English-C the dirty hag went to Scout Meeting Art wa there both tool for lat

1936- School as usual. had fair assembly. home. read Shadow Sis to show. Dad bowling. Mother & I listened to radio, read etc.

1937- To lab for while. fixed up drw'g board foold around. station shopped little. train home. left cake on train. Mother, Dad & I with dailies to Pocy. shopped a lot to Strand. "Can This Be Dixie?" C+  "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" A-

1938- Beans. read paper. sure swell day couldn't do anything just bull fest. to beans dressed. to Chief at 3 to 6. to Orph. to 8. supper. saw Big Broadcast of 1938" bore

1939- Up 7.30. Sis to breakfast. Mother stayed in bed made lunch. dressed to town. Duffer. I start getting $5 a week. made hotel note bread. to Galileo. Commercial worked new layout. to sketch class. fair. home. Sup. letter from Auntie Maud. there going to leave on Queen Mary April 15
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