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1935- Helped Mother  went in shop  went to Art's store all took taxi town I went to State "Mme Du Barry" A+, good, "Man Reclaimed Head" A+ swell [[Due?]]

1936- School again. bout same. warm day. to town. in Furmbilt & Trib got most things. home. shop. hair cut. dinner. To Bryant in G.C. uniform

1937- To infirmary heat on knee. to House const & showcard class. rained. beans. to Art lab brought home 2 pictures. rained hard. beans. bull fest. Studied till late. sure long to [[heel lance?]]

1938- Up late. washed. read paper. had some toast. to dinner. sewed button on coat. to town looked for sport coat. to Chief. to Orph. rained alot for 2 hrs. saw "Goodbye Broadway" C+

1939- Up 7. breakfast. nervous. made lunch. to town. Dulfer made 2½ note heads. got "C" car out to Legion of honor to Dead mans beach. most of landscape class there. stayed till 3. finished seascape. home. store with Mother. sup. Sis work at fair. dishes. stretched paper. fixed matt for painting. radio.


1935.- Went in shop  Art Came over dad took picture  we were in shop  we had dinner  read Laddie  Sis went town  did lessons

1936- School again. car to school no 6th period  had assembly  good  home  nap. to Hovey showed him box. home  shop. read.

1937- To infirmary. heat on for 45 min. to Art. Eng. & hygiene. beans. to Geom lab. room. started on signs  beans. room job painting for gym. painted 2 BARN DANCE room signs

1938- Up at 11:30 dressed. read paper. to dinner  dorm. shined shoes. shaved. dressed. to town. bot swell polka dot tie $1.- to Chief. saw "Snow White" A  to Orph. saw "Accidents will happen" B & "Dinner at Ritz" A

1939- Up 6.45 dressed. breakfast with folks. made lunch  to town. Dulfers. got check at noon 7.49. to Flea bot watercolor. color paper, 2 sheets. matt knife, white paint, tape. to Dulfer made 2½ note heads. making pad. home. Mother & Dad out to dinner  Sis & I sup. radio. read some. fooled around little.

Transcription Notes:
On April 13 1935, I think the word Due (if I am reading that word correctly) - after swell - is part of the first page's April 13th entry though it is written on the facing page. But, I am not entirely certain.

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