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1935 - Made 5 rings today. breakfast in bed lunch. Mrs. S over. we had nap feet hut worked on rings Bill over Jack too read. bath 

1936 - Didn't do much got alot of kindling wood. to Blackfoot with Mrs Gwyn. fooled around tennis wit Joe Jeppson. train home. Sis & I tennis Mrs Gwyn & Trudy over

1937 - Up late. helped around fixed box raquet. lunch. Mrs Lamson bot chest of drawers put big dresser in my room. to Turners cream. A Mr. Gibbons to take Dad's place to sup. Frank & I tennis

1938 - Up late. helped Mother around house. to store shopped. Sis & I ping pong. dressed. lunch Dad home. I to United Artists "Count De Monte Cristo" B+ "I Cover the Waterfront". E. Dwight came. all ping pong talked

1939 - Update. shower had breakfast. seems awfully quiet without aunties. dishes. read paper. Dad in garden. Mom & I put back things in my room. all of us in garden read. I had long sunbath. read all afternoon. (perfect day) to bakery got ice cream & bread. tea. dishes read rest of eve. radio for while. talked about aunties.

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1935 - Made some rings. Miriams gave me some ice cream. I made ring for Toni. I to Dr. H. fixed left big toe hurt awful. nap. read, radio 

1936 - Went to Lava hoit Linse Ireland on 4H club day lot a Indian boys & girls, they swam in state, we went to Spa. fun. home. supper. I played tennis pinged un peu 

1937 - Up late. helped around. Gerry over & Dad & I to go on fishing trip. got bedding. left at 1:00 P.M. & got in Mack's Inn 4 P.M. Dad & Doc fishin. got swell cabin. Gerry & I looked around. had dinner swell turned in early

1938 - Up 9. had swell breakfast. Dwight Sis & I tried little badminton played ping pong. read paper. all dressed. car to Lincoln park thru exhibit of Venetian paintings. car to Liccas for dinner. Mother, Dad home Sis Dwight & I to Roller Derby home 12:30

1939 - Up 6.50 shower. breakfast. made lunch. to town to Dulfer. fine day. finished typewriter paper box. to crocker bank put in $5. to Union [[square]] work till 5. made label for box put cellophane around it. (tape) home sup dishes. Mrs Cutler [[?]] S.L. called. worked on scrap letter to Sis 

Transcription Notes:
Lava hoit linse Ireland - possibly Lava Hot Springs, Idaho?

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