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1935- Made 3 wood banks. Dad & I tennis (6-4, 3-6. Uncle Eric called long dis. Mother, Sis, & I to U.P. she left 1:55 Mother & I taxi home at 2:10 gosh

1936- Helped some. Sis didn't feel so hot. went to store. in shop lunch. Sis made raspberry jam. I made nail compartments. Dad fishin. Les & Anna over

1937- Up late. Mother & Edie washed & cleaned etc. to store. helped around. lunch. they ironed. had nap. Mother to shower. M. tired Luthies over. kids sure cute. supper. painted un peu

1938- Up around 8:30 breakfast. dishes & stuff. worked all morning on color schemes. lunch. painted another sample dressed. to Fox. nothing yet. he Mr. Hall directed me to a Mr. Yesson a sign shop nice guy I went there might get a job I hope. home sup. red p.p.

1939- Up late. Mom gave me breakfast in bed! shower dressed to store. waxed kitchen floor. read paper. lunch. Mom & I dressed. to Ferry bdlg. met Dad. to fair. saw Swedish parade & singers in Coliseum. to New "Folie Bergere" A+ boy what girls. walked around. home late. tired out.


1935- Helped Mother. sprinkled. Lyn, Cath M. & I B & Lamson. sprinkled. Gunter & I tennis. Gunter Chic & I rode in a Super Charger Auburn !! swell!

1936- Up early. Edna took Helen Sis & I & Ches. out choke cherr'in. we got alot! home; played with pups. The Johnson's were over. sure tired

1937- Up late. helped around. Mother & I to Mrs. Rogers to see shirt samples. got card from T.R. Neilson. chopped large box wood. dinner. tried a nap. dressed Mrs. Clark over. sketched. supper. play wit Chan. read, drew

1938- Up at 9. helped around. breakfast & stuff. Mother & Sis to town. I started letter. I to Walgreens met fellas. lunch. to Warfield "Little Miss Broadway" B & "Men are Such fools" D+. home. read. p. pong

1939- Up late. breakfast. shower. helped with beds all of us in back garden. had 2 hr sun bath. read alot Dad & Mom worked in garden. cleaned up dressed read alot. to store wit Dad. had tea. read. radio shined shoes.

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