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1935 - Breakfast. school tomorrow. I sprinkled people got stove. had dinner we all walked to town, taxi home ice cream. Sis & I tennis read etc

1936 - Dusted this & that sho am busy  finished plans for table. lunch. got some wood for table & started on it. dinner  to store, walk, writing letter to Art. Mother home

1937 - Up early. to Turner's farm for cream & milk helped Mother fix vegetables. lunch. rested. to store bus over 1 hr. late. to Poky. up to FOX office. painted [COMING] 18 small signs to try me out. Bradford brot me home. people (Brady, Miller, SP, Gallraity to [[dinner?]]

1938 - Up 7.30. breakfast. to Galileo. got my paints & stuff to Fort Mason. landscaping. fun. rest of class came later. there till 2. to locker. stretched paper. to form class. about same. home late brot paints home. sup. read 

1939 - Up 7 shower. breakfast. made lunches. Dad & I to town. to Academy. worked on layout roughs. to Dulfer got check. to bank. lunch at ▢ [[Union Square]] to life class. did fair. home. Sis & I sup. Pierre over got plants. Sis & I to Academy had bibe class. (25¢) did several 20 min stretches fair


1935 - School. Jack James & I walked to school. 1. Correct Exp  2. Wood  3. Drg.  4. Bookkeeping  5. Type 6. Pscychology. lost shirt. sprinkle 

1936 - Cleaned house (everything) wood, coal, mopped, vacum. Mother home on 2:00 train. sure good to have her home. I got the classiest shirt, tie & socks. walk

1937 - Up late. breakfast. letter from Sis. she's coming home. chopped wood. lunch. got dressed  Mother & I Poky with Mrs. Clark. wait for "Eichenlamb" 3 hrs. to Art room. painted 4 signs. bus home. 

1938 - Up 9.30. sure tired. breakfast. Mrs Tracy brot some magazines over. Mother & I to store. had lunch. washed couple windows. worked with stamp. to Dad office. got black shoes at Filtman & Curme. haircuts. home sup. read

1939 - Up late shower. breakfast. Sis to town. She going to try out for I. Maguire. Mom & Dad to store. read paper worked at desk. Dad & Sis home. lunch in garden. dressed. Clarks from Fort Hall to see us. took for ride we showed the cross & St. Francis woods. had tea by fireplace. ping pong. talked. didnt accomplish thing 

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Feltman & Curme

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