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1935- Jack, Jim & I walked to school sold 2 books found shirt walked to town paid D.G fee $12.00 Mother Sis & I to food lecture swell

1936- Worked on table all day Mother did a little washing helped around letter from Sis. dinner. All to store for walk. tryed on new shirt superb

1937- Up late. breakfast. fooled around felt funny. had dinner. to Poky with Dr. R. up to Art room. painted alot. talked to manager. painted large banner. quit 7:30. saw Bob at Strand. bus home

1938- Up late. breakfast. helped Sis & around house. little p. pong. read. lunch. Sis & I dressed. to town. wore nu shoes shopped. to New Filmore theatre "Having Wonderful Time" C- & "Sky Giant" B-. home. bite eat. worked with stamps. read

1939- Up late. breakfast. all dressed walked to Presbyterian church on Ocean Ave. little old fashioned church. quite good. we went for long walk up hill. dropped in on Tracy's. home. read paper. had nap. worked on head 3 color. lousy. made head in watercolor. fair. radio. tea around 6.


1935- Jack, Jim & I to school got all periods fixed got Mech Drg key walked home with Art got book from Joe Bulmer. Dad Sis, & I to lecture

1936 - Up late. helped around. Mrs. Creesy over. lunch. worked on table all afternoon got new icebox yesterday. Mother fixed package for Sis. dinner. read. studied in pen. got petite moccasins & purse at Typee

1937 - 8:00 Stanely, Farmer & Bothwell met at Evans & took me to Poky. painted large banner. to employee meeting. painted date strips. up to S. Branch. painted 2 "Mountain Music" banners. bus home with Dad. tea. read

1938 - Up late. breakfast. folks to church. I read papers. started "White Banners." folks home. worked on stamps all afternoon. folks nap. radio. had swell dinner. worked with stamps. read some. 

1939 - Up 6.45 dressed breakfast. carried out water on plants. finished up on paintings of 2 heads. to town with Dad. to Academy. commercial. my paintings 2 of the best. worked on layouts. lunch at [[square]] got pictures from "Flax" (wrong frames.) to Dulfer. finished blotter lunch with Dad. (Sis tried out at I. Magnin today) sup. rote notes
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