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September 12

1935- School as usual walked home with Art did studies Rysen took us to lecture sure good came home lessons etc.

1936- Worked on table. very windy. Miss Symliltbh in office not bad. Dad, mother, & I to Poky. shopped. alot to Orpheum "Anthony Adverse" A-. bus home. read.

1937- Up late. breakfast. got some wood. did a little packing. Delzers over. brot vegetables had dinner, Dad and mother nap. read. played with Chan. tea. radio. stirred up my paints.

1938- Up early. breakfast. bus & car to Powellstr. foggy. to Philosophy class. lecture good stuff. walked around. car to Galileo. studied. to Art 5/9. Ecke here nice guy. very young. to sketch class. home. folks show. sup. read.

1939- Up 6:30 breakfast. made lunch. to town [[strikethrough]] with dad [[/strikethrough]]. to Dulfers. made 2 letterheads. lunch at [[square]] to Academy. Stolz class. did still life. fair. to S.F. museum. home 7. sup. had nap. worked on lettering problem.


1935- School as usual. Type alot of fun. dinky home slept. dinner Jesse & I tennis alot of fun. 

1936- Finished table & got it up. at last. we had chicken dinner, then Mother & Dad to church. I read. we had tea for walk. read. tried to make my monogram

1937-Up late. breakfast. cleaned shoes. stirred paint. to Turner's farm got milk. lunch. Mother & dressed to Poky with Mrs. Clark. haircut. to theatre pained 2 signs. saw Clif & Art. they brotme home

1938- Up 7:30. breakfast. helped around little. bus to Golden gate park to Japanese Tea garden. painted. fair Sacaye brot me back to school. talked to 2A class. fair home. tired. sup. Sis discouraged with her hat sketches.
1939- Up 7. shower breakfast. made lunch. to town. rained like the devil for about 2 hrs. to Academy. to lettering class. made Roman letters. lunch at [[square]] to Dulfers pantographed [[?]]. to car barn got car books. home sup. read paper. worked on lettering.

Transcription Notes:
September 12, 1938: Deleted [[?]] after "nice guy". Looks correct September 13, 1939: Changed "to [?]" to "to Academy"

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