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September 14 

1935 - Mr. Ryser, I James took Mother & I to market very interesting. James & I to Star "Private Worlds" "Pecks Bad Boy" C racket fixed 

1936 - Helped Mother washed. letter from Sis. I sent her my mechanical drawg set. & letter. Mother getting things ready for me. to store. Mother took picture of Chan

1937 - Up late. breakfast. packed stuff. dusted boxes. Mrs Norris over. had big dinner. Sis mite be home tomorrow. Mother to Mrs. Clark. I, got some "LIFE's" from her. supper. Dad & I to Turner's. read

1938 - Up 6.30 breakfast bus, car, to Powell str Philos class wrote letters to voters for J.C. buildings. dentist. to GAlileo. Commercial did layout. to sketch did lot better. brot paints. home. sup. tired. read 

1939 - Up 7. tired. shower. breakfast. made lunch. to town Academy. had sketch class. enjoyed it. lunch at square. to Dulfers. worked on bracing. sleepy. had haircut home. talked wtih Allman on S bus. (good to see him) sup. dishes. read paper. little. radio. copied academy notes

September 15 

1935 - Sprinkled helped around Buses now. James & I tennis linner Dad, Mother, & Sis out did lessons tea read etc. 

1936 - Gus Anderson was going to take me to Poky but couldn't. got things in big box. cut kindling helped around. Gwen to take us to Poky. had nap. dinner, nap read. supper. walk. read. 

1937 - Up late. Mother & Eldy washed. helped around. to Pocy wit Mrs. Clark met Sis at train. to U talk wit Garrison. town. shopped. waited for bus. home. good to see Sis. getting stuff ready 

1938 - Up around 7.30. breakfast. finished reading White Banners A+ (swell) bus with Sis to Golden Gate park. finished painting (sketch class) had meeting. I was elected president of the Alpha Delta Epsilon! to school with Sacaye. to QA. class. home. sup

1939 - Up 7 shower. breakfast with Dad. to town. to school worked on layouts till noon. to Dulfers for check to bank lunch at square. real warm today. to life class. did fair. by blond fellow. home. tired. Sis & I sup. folks home. Sis & I to Empire "Sun never sets" A & "Bridal Suite" C- walked both ways enjoyed it. 
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