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September 16 

1935 - School as usual. walked to town get racket fixed. bus home dinner. out to lake rowed around, did lessons

1936 - Left Gt Hall wit Johnson's to U. saw Gwen's room then to mine. purty good met Edwin Haroldson nice kid farmer. his ma all to town shopped. lunch etc 

1937 - Up late. slept on couch. fixed paint box packed things all morning. helped around too. lunch. packed more. Sis & I played ball wit kids to store. sup. made paddle (Mrs. Trego died) packed etc 

1938 - Up early. got 7.10 bus to Philos class. walked around. to dentist. car to Galileo. got paints went to Fort Mason. lunch. rested on bench. painted landscape. to Galileo. car home. sup. read. Dad going to F Hall

1939 - Up late. breakfast. dishes shower & dressed chopped kindling swept basement waxed kitchen floor sun bath. shower. Dad home. lunch. dressed up. to town Sis, Dad & I went in several stores looking for top coat. got dark brown one at Ross. Bros. a honey $30.90 home. tea read

September 17 

1935 - School as usual. got racket Jim & I played tennis 6-2, 6-2, 4-6 dinner. lessons radio. Dad & I on bookkeeping till 11:15 

1936 - Ed, Bill Pearson & I to store had pint of milk for breakfast, then English Exam. fair first meal in beanery swell. looked around meetings to town supper good. to town with fellas fo walk

1937 - Up early. packed things rushed around. John Stanely called for me & took my stuff to Residence in room 6. saw alot of fellas. dinner fair. registered. saw Neilson. dinner awful. saw Cliff talked 

1938 - Up late. sure tired. breakfast shined alot of shoes. Mother & I to store. helped around. Dad home. radio. had lunch. I washed my leather jacket. Dad in garden. Dad packed. we took him to ferry. left for Fort Hall we walked around home

1939 - Up late Dad & I looked papers in bed. shower. breakfast fixed ant poison cans. Sis & I to Tracys & back. all sat in garden all afternoon. read alot. very hot today. (Russia invaded Poland) radio tea in garden. worked on commersial problem rest of eve. radio. worked
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