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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney #4

Among Mrs. Whitney's best known works, not already mentioned, are: "Paganisme"; "Caryatid", bought by Metropolitan Museum; "The Washington Heights and Inwood Memorial" erected at Broadway and 168th St.; "Wherefore", a seated figure seemingly crushed by life's burdens, bought by Art Institute of Chicago; the memorial to H. B. Duryea, an heroic bronze figure of a Shepherd [[strikethrough]] bronze plaque of Walter Damrosch]]. 

On July 4th, 1924, was erected in the town of Cody the memorial statue of Buffalo Bill (Colonel William F. Cody) which the state of Wyoming commissioned Mrs. Whitney to execute for the town he founded.

In 1926 Mrs. Whitney's monument, commemorating the landing of the American troops in France during the World War, was unveiled at St. Nazaire, on the French coast, the gift to France from the American people headed by the St. Nozaire Association.

Mrs. Whitney has of course a keen appreciation of art, and in 1920-21 her collection of paintings by American artists was extensively exhibited abroad, and later in her own gallery in New York where it was called "The Overseas Exhibition".

In the catalogue of this exhibit Mrs. Whitney, in the introduction, writes:

"Ever since the establishment of the Whitney Gallery the idea of sending an informal group of American paintings to Europe has [[strikethrough]] occurred to me [[/strikethrough]] been in my mind. ... To me it has always seemed a good plan for artists working in America to show their work in Europe, the oftener the better. Our sympathy with French art was not born in a day..Innumerable exhibitions of French art...have been held in this country, and the European's understanding of our art will lack the necessary sympathy until they also have the opportunity to see in Europe repeated and varied exhibitions of American art."

"Mrs. Whitney is [[strikethrough]] also a patron of the opera and of letters and a member of the American Federation of Arts, the [[/strikethrough]]

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