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not believe that her interest in art was anything more than that of a talented dilettante, but against this skepticism Mrs. Whitney used a most effective weapon; Technique.  Moreover, in the nature of an ally, was the universally known truism that genius knows no boundaries; has no distinctions of class, color, country or creed; and recognizes neither sex nor time, conditions nor environment.  Her cause was further sponsored by that intangible thing called the "divine afflatus" which Mrs. Whitney incontrovertibly possesses, and in full measure.  As this spark of genius gave inception and impetus to fundamental aesthetic ideas, and as her hands molded them and her artistry perfected them, the disbelieving world of art finally arrived at the correct conclusion that Gertrude V. Whitney was primarily and essentially a sculptress and a litterateur - in fact, an artist, before which nothing takes precedence; social distinction, wealthy position, and the status of wife and mother being of a distinctly secondary consideration and of lesser importance when viewed