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WHITNEY, GERTRUDE V............7

The design is suggested by the art of the original rulers of Mexico.  The same year she exhibited a head of a Spanish peasant, an admirable and strong piece of character work, which was bought by the Metropolitan Museum (which also owns the Caryatid).  It was, however, her memorial design in commemoration of the victims of the appalling "Titanic" disaster that placed her in the first rank of American sculptors.  Mrs. Whitney's design submitted to the Women's Titanic Memorial Committee won in open competition.  The figure is thirteen feet in height, hewn from a great block of granite, and perpetuates for all time the bravery of the men whose first thought in that time of awful peril was for the women and children.  A replica of the head of this memorial, done in black marble, is owned by the Luxembourg Museum.

During the World War. Mrs. Whitney was actively engaged in various branches of relief work.  In 1914 she established and maintained at Juilly, France, "Ambulance American Hospital,B."  Twenty-five experienced surgeons and nurses were in charge 

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