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WHITNEY, GERTRUDE V............10

to the British mind exactly that motive which placed the United States in the war, shoulder to shoulder with the British, French, and Italians". Among Mrs. Whitney's best known works, aside from those with a war motif, are her "Aztec Fountain:, for the Pan-American Building in Washington, D. C.; the "El Dorado Fountain" in San Francisco, California; "Paganisme","Caryatid", purchased for the Metropolitan Museum; "Spanish Peasant:, also owned by the Metropolitan Museum; "Wherefore, a seated figure bowed as though overwhelmed by the burden of life; purchased by the Art Institute of Chicago, a memorial to H.B Durgea; and a bronze placque of Walter Damrosch which was presented to that distinguished musician by his admirers. The State of Wyoming has commissioned Mrs. Whitney to make a memorial statue of Colonel William. F. Cody, famous as "Buffalo Bill", in memory of the famous scout on what would have been his seventy-fifth birthday had he survived. It is to be erected in the town of Cody, built by him and named in his honor.