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WHITNEY.      -3-

and was deeply interested in the success of Vanderbilt University and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, to whose endowments he contributed. To the latter, he and his three brothers presented the Vanderbilt Clinic as a memorial to their father. It was through him that the family is perpetuated, as his brothers left no children. He married Maria Louise Kissam.
Their eldest son, Cornelius Vanderbilt, the father of Gertrude Whitney, was born November 27, 1843, and died September 12, 1901. He continued thefamily tradition in railroad management as well as in charitable, religious and educational affairs. He was also a patron of art, having not only his own collection of paintings, but also presenting to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a noteworthy collection of drawings by the old masters. He married in 1870, Alice Claypoole, daughter of Abraham Evan Gwyne, Esq., of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Cettie, daughter of Henry Collins Flagg, Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut