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Row 6  P. Nielson--D. Nori--V. Havens--B. Tillett--L. Jacobs--C. 
Keplinger--R. Devoe--H. Riggs--P. Noethe--J. Ordung--C. Briggs-
-A. Braun

Row 5  L. Saliba--M. J. Ferry--J. Fay--L. Foy--P. Limes--C.
Shackelford--M. L. Black--H. Tappe--N. Smith--B. Franklin--J.
Krieger--P. Marker--M. L. Snyder--L. Ragland

Row 4  F. Baca--L. Williams--M. Kuebler--M. Teufel--B. Saunders-
-D. Dockstader--F. Leonard--M. Noland--M. Comer--J. Kneeland-
-V. Terlinden--D. Holtzclau--O. Bellamy--B. Brown

Row 3  S. Landwehr--V. Dalton--M. Eidson--L. Cheklinski--J.
Minus--V. Oxley--J. Mandt--M. A. Hamilton--V. Olsen--L. Teninga-
-P. Strutz--B. Ekvall--J. Lesh--M. A. Casey--V. Henry--M. Jean

Row 2  F. Zimmerman--L. Broder--L. Osborne--L. Fayram--J. 
Hamlin--E. Gilmore--J. Hooffstetter--M. Crawford--I. Bonella-
-P. Pfifer--B. Neiman--H. Mahaffey--M. Smith--P. Meigs--J. Jones--
M. Galley

Row 1  E. Johnson--E. White--C. Alexander--W. Parrish--H.
Talmage--J. Lapierre--S. Holmen--M. Trimble--E. Anderson--N. 
Blomeyer--M Mifflin--T. Neds--N. Dodge--L. Stender--I. Schoen

Curtiss-Wright Cadettes
on the steps of Northrop Hall, U. of Minnesota


Aug 14
Dear Louie,
Here's the ID for the picture.
One even.  The 1st person in Rms 6 is Audrey Morris.  
Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.  
Love, Jo
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