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P 59
SOUTH CAROLINA [[strikethrough]] & GEORGIA [[/strikethrough]]
Charleston April 1 1886
E.B. 47 "B" ACSC 1866
E.B. 407
Respectfully returned to Maj Genl. OO Howard. and attention invited to the forgoing endorsements.
R.K. Scott
Bt Maj General
Asst Comm'r.
[[stamp]] Bureau RF&AL Washington Rec'd [[illegible]] 17 1866 [[/stamp]]

Hd Qrs 2 Sub Dist.
Mil D.W.S.C. Chester C.H.
Mch 30" - 1866
Respectfully returned to Bvt Brig Genl. Ralph Ely A.C. B.R.F and A. Lands, and attention invited to the enclosed endorsement of Capt Knight. I will add that, by direction of Bvt Maj Genl Ames, Com'd'g the District of W. S. Ca. the am't of Fine and Costs have been returned 15 Backs dues by Capt Knight
B B Murray
L. Col. Comd'g
[[stamp]] The National Archives of the United States [[/stamp]]

Headqrs B.R.F. &A.L.
D.W. So. Ca. Col. S. Ca.
Mar. 31 / 66
E 516
Respectfully returned to Bt. Maj Genl R.K. Scott A. Commr B.R.F. & AL & his attention invited to Capt Knights Report. - also endorsement by Lt Col B.B. Murray
Ralph Ely

War Department
Bureau of RF&AL
Washington, April 18th / 66
Respectfully returned to His Excellency the President whose attention is invited to the endorsement of Col. Murray by which it will be seen that the fines and costs have been returned to Mr. Barksdale
O.O. Howard
Major General, Commissioner

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