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P.59 RF & AL Vol 5 1866
B March 1st 1866.
Case of Barksdale , Jno. A
Laurens C. House S.Ca
L.B. 47 BACSC 1866
Protests against the action of Capt Knight Prov. Judge. in trying him a second time for the same offence. 
(1 Encl)
Respectfully referred to Maj Gen O.O. Howard. Comsn'r
for his consideration By order of the President
R. Morrow
[[stamp]] NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE UNITED STATES [[/stamp]] [[checkmark]]
[[stamp]] BUREAU R.F. & A.L. WASHINGTON REC'D MAR 3 1866 [[/stamp]] 1866
[[stamp]] BUREAU R.F. [[illegible]] [[/stamp]]