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Laurens C.H. S.C. Feby 14 1866
To His Excellency President Johnson
Washington D.C.

I regret that I feel myself under the necessity of appealing to your Excellency in a matter apparently of idividual interest when the cares incident to your high position are pressing so heavily upon you, but there is no other alternative left me, and I am encouraged to do so when I remember that sincerity & plaindealing have ever distinguished you.

It was my misfortune about the 1st of Decr. last to be arraigned before Lt. Ashe, Asst Prov. Judge, then in command here, on a charge brought by a negro girl about 15 years of age & a domestic servant in my family, for an alleged assault & battery, She stating that I had used a cane. The facts of the case were that the girl had been exceedingly insulting and on this occasion had struck one of my children and when summoned by me to explain her conduct she was so defiant & menacing that a Scuffle ensued, during which she either fought or tryed to fight & which resulted in my striking her some 8 or 10 liks with a light leather strap. Lt. Ashe heard the case and dismissed me. On the 8th of this month Capt C.E. Knight Asst. Prov. Judge 15th Maine Vols. assisted by Lts Carr and [[McCannis?]] of the same Reg. took up the case a second time and fined me one hundred dollars together with fifteen dollar taxed