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as cash. I gave notice of appeal on the ground that it was a violation of the rights of citizens of the United States, guaranteed to them by the Constitution that one shall be put upon his trial twice for the same offence; and that it is a violation of the usages & practice of courts in this county to require a party to pay fines pending an appeal. But the fine & costs were required to be paid notwithstanding this and notwithstanding I offered note & security to await the result of the appeal. I would state just here, however that appeals are of no avail as I have never heard of any intelligence being received from one after it has been Sent up through the regular channels, and on this account I apply to your Excellency for relief.

I respectfully submit to your Excellency whether these officers did not go beyond their duty & their orders in trying me twice for the same offence, and imposing a heavy fine on me for a matter that was neither premeditated, malicious or in the least manner cruel. I Know that it was my duty to have reported the conduct of the girl to Lt Ashe, then in command, and would have done So, but for her own haste & insults. All these things were explained on both the trials, but in the last adjudication there Seemed to be a predetermination to fleece me. I use the word fleece in its litteral & exact meaning.

Is there no remedy for these evils? Mine is not a Solitary instance, as I am informed others are being