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[[stamp]] The National Archives of the United States [[/stamp]]


"I am compelled to solicit aid - The universal free dom and rogouishness [[roguishness]] of the negroes have brought me to beggary  I first lost my horses, one is in posession of the Bureau of R.F. & A.L. at Yorktown and the other a negro has, below Yorktown, and a few weeks since they stole all of my cattle and I am now destitute and unable to defend myself, and if it were my life would be taken.  I have been threatened several times by negroes, They say that Treason is a crime and should be punished and I consider the evil emancipation the greatest punishment that could be inflicted not only upon the guilty but upon the inocent.  Widows & orphans are brought to Starvation &c which has made the Negroes the most degraded set immagineable. Invites Prest Johnson to send some reasonable person to investigate, all farms are deserted for sickly sellars of towns - Negroes go to school instead of working." - Requests money of the Prest or an order for her horses.