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plate number                                         facing page
a. Models of Metal Lamps. b. Writing-Table
in Glass, Metal and Wood.
c. China Service designed by O. Lindig. 
d. Kitchen Equipment designed for the Haus am 
Horn at Weimar. 
e. Textiles designed by Otti Berger. 
f. First Models for Tubular Steel Furniture
designed by Marcel Breuer  34

6. The Bauhaus, Dessau, 1925  43

7. The Bauhaus, Dessau. A Corner of the Workshops' Wing 44

8. The Bauhaus, Dessau. The Pupils' Hostel and Atelier
Building  48

9. Professor Groupius's own House at Dessau, 1925  57

10. A Pair of Semi-Detached Houses for the Staff of 
the Bauhaus, 1925  61

11. A Block of Two-and-a-Half-Roomed Flats in the 
Siemensstadt Siedlung, Berlin, 1929  65

12. A Block of Three-and-a-Half-Roomed Flats in the
Siemensstadt Siedlung, Berlin, 1929  68