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law in the matter. That there is such a tribunal as the BRF&A Lands it would be a mere waste of words to either assert or deny that it is entirely governed by the laws of the United States it would also be a waste of words to assert of deny what its powers and duties are must be well known to your honour, what its jurisdiction is, is a matter entirely within the cognizance of the appleate Court which you Honours court is not. The effect of this Writ if sustained would be an annhialating of a tribunal created by the highest sovereign power known to the Constitution of which your honours court is a mere creature, protected and mantained by said Constitution. 
Respondent further answers that your applicant answered to the jurisdiction of the respondent that he well know the charges against him and by whom they were preferred at the time and when he applied to your honour for this writ, that he, the applicant carefully and maliciously denied by failing to acknowledge the fact that he knew of some writ order or process or under colour of either, as recognized bu the statute.
Respondent respectfully draws your honours attention to the fact that the concurrent jurisdiction of the state courts if any in matters of relative to the Freedmen is entirely an act of grace our courtesy conferred on them by the President of the U.S. and that the giving of said jurisdiction does not at all justify the state tribunal either curtailing or ignoring the tribunal which your