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to benefit what?

THE MAGIC THEATRE, ideally, will be a theatre for magicians, poets, madmen, idealists. The artists will be involved with their Vision & evolved to the point of being open to each other (so that what each envisions can ultimately be made manifest for an audience). Not the popular theatre (hung on decadent forms and/or current 'realities') but a consecrated temple for the inspired invocations of individuals who are finding their own meaning & salvation through their Work. There will be no masters, no personal profit, no goals per se - only a place to turn inside out with love, enthusiasm & freedom.

technicians, actors, filmakers, directors,
poets, writers, musicians, angels, all
write: Magic Theatre
Box 892, Pacific Palisades
or call Idell at: 345-9046

What can be said of a living thing? It grows, moves, absorbs, expels. THE TEMPLE OF MAN is alive - not 'religious' (what does THAT mean?) - but spiritually tuned (in that its attention is primarily on the soul rather than the lesser parts). More simply, we plan it to be a physical place to go when you want most of all to just touch or be; a sanctuary in which to breathe in & out and center yourself. And, along with the theatre, it will be a protected environment in which the creative disposition can work & function with the fewest of restrictions. 

to offer help or for further light 

call: Rev. Bob Alexander
345-9046 any time
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