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Subj: The Wedding
Date: 8/4/2006 7:39:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Well folks the wedding was really very lovely! We had fun. That's right I had fun at my sons wedding! Who'd-a-thought it was possible [[image]]
Attached are a few of photos that Shari & Gina took. Brian and Rachel Renee (we now have Rachel Renee & Rachel Blue Biesemeyer...) anyway RR & B asked me to teach them to couples dance just before the wedding - not an easy task for either of us [[image]] but they did very nicely - then at the wedding they really cut the rug [[image]] - they also had a father daughter dance then a mother son dance just for me and Brian. He had them play "You are my sunshine" a song I would sing to the kids at night as I put them to bed when they were tiny - Brian had them play the full version (4 min! and words I didn't even know) anyway off to the side we heard some laughter - after the dance I asked David what was that about and he said Blue's friend Tish ask about 2min in "How long is this song" and David's reply was "until Brian falls asleep". The kids were having so much fun we had to tell them it was time to leave on their honeymoon... so they did to Tennessee... Shari, Gina & my niece Maria, and our Aunt Shirley stayed at our house - HB did not come but was a good thing because if he had been here it would have been about him and not the kids and my siblings and I would not have had as much fun. Otis (Brian's Godfather & Auntie Shirley stood in as grandparent subs - Oh Yea we met Blue's new buo Rob little GI Joe but very sweet (he's in the reserve and a deputy sheriff [[image]] ...) that's how my kids rebel GI Joe and a holey roller... you seen Darma & Greg the TV show? Well you have to rewrite the script to wealthy hippies and poor republicans but you can get an idea... Well the only thing that matters is that David and I truly had fun with our family at our son's wedding (David's brother and sister and their spouses came too).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 America Online: CByrd77073