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one who has heard for a number of years an able preacher abreast with the christian thought of the times a woman whose friends and acquaintances are among the most intelligent of the race; one who believes in spiritual and intellectual growth, then I can give a reason for my love for you and why I was prompted a year ago to make the proposition which I have recently made. Grace I be-lieve if my love for you and yours for me were mere passion and gush, there would be room for fear of tiring of one another. 
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But based on the principles of christianity I have no fear of becom-ing tired of one, whom I am sure will be an influence for holy living and thinking. I have already pictured you in my mind in revival work, your assistance in the prepara-tion and delivery of my sermons. One whom I can trust to carry out my policies and plans in other church enterprises. In home life our meditations would always be interesting to each other. I have thought if at anytime there be prominent guests in our home, there would be a cultured christian woman to preside.