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February 17. 1961. 

Dear Glenn -
I thank you sincerely for the enormous work you did with the book on me. I go basicaly almost completely with it - almost but not completely.

The reason:
I never paint a bad picture
I may not paint a successful one. As a juror which I quiet often was I always resented to function in this roll as a critic. I resented it because whoever criticieses, criticieses himself. The work criticieses back. And as a teacher I was constantely aware that one must never be a school master by entangle oneself in erroneous or academic or steril problems that anihilate the vital approach to creation. The vital approach to creation is deep rooted in the faculty of the mind to sense and recognize the inherent quality of the medium of expression to bring this qualities in approbriate relation to [[strikethrough]] order [/strikethrough]] each other for the creation of [[strikethrough]] an [[/strikethrough]] a higher, of a new and [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] complete independant quality, which the means of expression have not in themselves but which transcent the spirit of creation. Only this to me is Art. In following this principle it is impossible to paint a bad picture.
Most affectionate yours
Hans Hofmann

[[note]] Hans Hofmann [[note]]