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July 30, 1954
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Mr. William Geotz
William Goetz Productions
1438 North Gower Street
Hollywood, California

Dear Mr. Goetz,

Many thanks for your prompt and co-operative reply to my letter. Also, thank you for telling Reeves Lowenthal about this, because he tols me of the newly discovered letter, which is, indeed, an interesting fact.

I intend to see if I can have access to the Treasury Report and will be happy to tell you of everything I learn/.

I hope sometime to see your collection again. Your new house was in theprocess of being furnished and only some of the pictures were there when I was taken to see it by Reeves about five years ago. But I enjoyed what I did see.

Again, my thanks,

Sincerely yours,

Aline B. Saarinen