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buttal", Bill Rivers, not showing, and there  were others, I'll think of them as this letter progresses. The shows were good, no more no less, not spectacular or even moving, just good and everyday art work by two people that except for being Black probably won't leave any imprint on the art world. Oh yes, Tom LLoyd was there, subduded [[subdued]] and really out of it too, and I thought about this cat, really two guys that caused all this shit to really go over the top had been eclipsed, Tom Lloyd and Henri Ghent, a funny feeling to be walking around being intoduced [[introduced]] to everybody, (I still live in the minds of all of them), but knowing that the ax got those two, Carroll Greene was preening all over everybody that was important, and I was standing in a corridor and Mack Doty and his wife passed right by me, we didn't even acknowledge each other but he ran smack into Romare who embraced [[embraced]] him and they said a few words to each other and went their separate ways, but that was kind of the way the night went. It was the kind of night that all of us had fought for individually and as groups, and everything was there, but somehow as it was ending almost an emptyness [[emptiness]] was obvious that had nothing to do with Romare or Richard Hunt, they are what they are, but there is almost not way that any exhibition could fulfill what was demanded or this night. It would be like asking DaVinci to sit down and do another painting of a woman smiling after he'd read all that history has had to say about his MONA LISA, just impossible to even lift a brush. That is the problem facing the two exhibitions, no matter how many good reviews, films, awards,etc., everybody will know that the artwork on display a the MOMA by the two artists have almost no meaning to anyone and no one really even looks at what is on the walls or standing on those stands but rather all the reasons and talk is about something else. I don't think there is anyone who could hav have caused it to be otherwise, and Romare and Hunt are really just as valid as anybody. The next show or two, (by Black artists at the MOMA), might do something different now that the thing about the first time is history. Oh yes Jake Lawrence was an "In" and Spinky Alston, Hale Woodruff were of the 8:30 crowd. What I think most of us know and are hesitant to admit is the fact that in the graphic arts, painting and sculpture, the discrimination against Black people has proven to to pretty much guarateed [[guaranteed]] that we have not really created anything in a way that makes any of us truly creative. I do not know of anyone Black that as a painter or sculptor that is truly creative like say Andy Warhol, Stella, or Eakins, or DeKooning or anyone that we can Romare and Hunt are as good as anyone we have to offer, and better than Al Loving, Mel Edwards,