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or anyone you could name, instead like Books Dendy was saying earlier today, "the Rebuttal show offers a chance to give art historians a handle to grasp is putting whatsoever it is that happened this time in history concerning a group of artists identified by their Black skins". Now I realize that there is no style that causes any of us to get a chance to exhibit but rather what has happened to us in connection with our Blackness that can be used to separate us from someone else that works exactly in the same style and time as we do. That's why those guys that are exhibiting in the Whitney will be eclipsed, they are not being identified as rebelling and being part of the rebellion, art style has nothing to do with it. I am already talking with several museum directors about exhibitions and they are evaluating the possibility from my identification with the rebellion as being the important reason to stage the exhibition, if my work is good, no better no worse, then they can use me. By the same token, the Black artist that is not identified with the rebellion even if his work is superior will be discriminated against like out white artists are. We have everything to gain by opposing the Whitney show, this is the thing to do right now, because the next phase is to select both Black curators and individual Black artists for exhibiting and their drawing cards are how well they can be identified with the rebellion. This means that Carroll Greene, Al Loving, D. Johnson and those Black people are being eclipsed all together though they represent a different philosophies. The Whitney museum wins too, because it has managed to hold together a group of different philosophies. The Whitney museum wins too, because it has managed to hold together a group of confused artists well enough to make it's tokenistic gesture, our opposition enables them to say privatly [[privately]] to never get into this corner again. They want nothing to do with the artists that coorperated [[cooperated]] with them or against them, they will only deal with the powerful ones wherever they are, they will have had their Black show for good. 
We had the meeting on March 14th with about 45 or 40 artists showing up, Al Hollingsworth, John Chandler, Betty Blayton, (she is dropping out of the Whitney and will show in the Rebut.) Danny TOONe, Ben Eigfall, etc, and we had a hot debate for several hours, the "Elite" didn't show up after all, Chick had talked with them, but they refused to show at the last minute. The meeting produced a bad taste because John Chandler and a guy named Nathaniel really ran on and on about not ever getting a better chance to show than the one coming up at the Whitney etc., so most people just clammed up and Nigel Jackson almost panicked over the fact that maybe not enough artists would support the "Rebut" and leave him out on the limb so he got