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up and started out on a kind or talk that cooled the folks more, then Cliff and I got up and directed the thing back towards talk about principles etc.

Last night the joke was about Bill Majors trying to beat the clock and get to New York for the opening at the MOMA, last heard he was in Kansas with a [[strikethrough]] hear [[/strikethrough]] huge dog as large as a horse. Don't worrry, that guy will not chance losing another friend. We sat with Norman and talked about the recent romance between he an Bill over the Christmas holidays, he gave Bill a watch and Bill took him dinners, so all in all we are being nasty as ever.

Well Reggie I'm going to check out, we are trying to set up our confrontation with the Whitney museum and we are having a press conference on April 5, oh yes Cliff moved into Westbeth and of course the B.E.C.C. will have to give up it's Bergen street address which will cause all kinds of red tape problems for the Army's investigation service, but to hell with them we are taxpayers. 

Hang in there, and we will think of you and Johnnie when go over to Norman's party this comming Saturday, after Bill Majors drive in etc.

I'm busy getting ready for my show at the Studio museum and man that's going to be about it for me, a couple of more years like this and I'll be ready for the booby-hatch, oh yes John Wilson was there and is going to be in the "Rebuttal" of all people to be in the "Rebuttal show" Hale Woodruff !! Man the action is drawing nigh.....

That's enough, just write to me about "Smokin Mahler"