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130 West 26th Street
New York, New York 10001
May 19,1992

Dear Reggie, 

Well whatta ya know,Reggie,the exPhilly,ex New Yorker,ex Kalamoozoan will now join the sunbonnet set,swimming pool,cactus julips and eternal conversation about what's wrong with those artists back east!

Eugene Grigsby is in Phoenix,Colescott is at Tempe,and now with you out there hey maybe they'll straighten up and honor "Ole Martin". 

I'm glad to hear you're getting settled in a place you feel good about and I must admit I really liked the Southwest, it is a unique place in the entire world.Nene and I plan to get a place upstate or in Connecticut in the next couple of years. We have grand plans of living there, keeping our New York and Georgia places to, we'll never give up maintaining a studio situation here in NYC and yet we really would like to move into a quieter situation when I call it quits at Queens college in a couple of years,25 to be seen as enough. 

I'll give you the names of a few good people surrounding you once you've gotten all of the furniture set in it's right place. 

Well I got to get on the hog,we're endiing up our school jobs and getting ready to head south in a few weeks. 

Things are going well,for me anyway,and from what you say,they're going well for you...about time eh?Pick up the June 1992 issue of American Visions Magazine,I'm starred in it. 

Will be seeing you in your sombereo behind a cacti on a mule!

Benny And Nene/high fives to Johnny!