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130 West 26th Street
New York,New York 10001
April 5, 1993

Dear Reggie,
I was very happy to hear from you and of course you really wrote one of those great "Reggie letters", which I like because it conjurs up both old and news things. Also it's always good to see that you're continueing to work, even while living in heaven on earth.
For example when you were living over on the East side of New York and guys like Rommie and Norman, don't forget Bill Majors were giving you a hard time DID YOU EVER THINK that you'd someday be a retired Professor of "greatest emminance" living on Spruce Needles road with your loved one? I must concede that you've always held your own in combative discussions but now with the added advantage of "Emertuis" opposing combatants have to give second thoughts as to their chances of ending up winning in confronting you.
A few weeks ago at the funeral for Peter Dean, a painter and fellow "Rhino Horn" who died of Lou Gerig's disease, Ed Clark, Jacky Whitten and Bob Colescott and I went over to have a drink at a near by bar and of course with those guys drinking doubles at noontime I knew we'd get nostalgic and along with that nostalgia came out the question "what about ole Reggie being out in New Mexico"? So even with your being absent we were respectful, I mean we didn't put you down or anything and you know that must have been an accomplishment with Ed Clark's sense of humor present. In fact we talked about the fact that you're due a break in getting a retrospective on a grand scale.