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Mr. Clement Greenberg
S. Shaftsbury Vermont

[[image - Italian postage stamp, 100]]

[[image - Italian postage stamp, 30]]

[[postmark]] [[illegible]] [[/postmark]]

[[postmark]] [[illegible]] [[/postmark]]

[[postmark]] [[illegible]] [[/postmark]]

[[postmark]] POSTE [[VENEZIA]] CENTRO 10-11 9 VI 1964 [[/postmark]]

Kenneth Noland 
American Consolate
San Gregorio, Venice

(2) for them and they go along. After I get the pictures hung and Cornelia & the kids get here I'm going to buy a car and we're going to travel.

No chicks, no one "hip" enough to have any fun with, As David used to say, "I've got better to home." he meaning Jean, I mean Kay. If you want to water the grass buy a hose at Greenbergs downtown & charge it to me.

Glad to hear Jules & Tony lit into Alloway, I

finally got tired of challenging him. they are both tough guys like you & me, Clem, but are crybabies like me. I'll probably be coming back in July because I sure miss all of you. I think about the California show and I watch [[strikethrough]] pe [[/strikethrough]] everybodies reactions to things here and come to the conclusion that all we can do is keep the pressure on because real Art never goes over in a big way. We've talked about these things so many times, but it seems necessary to keep facing them. Tell Jules if he doesnt watch out I'll build a second story to my studio when I get back. tell Tony not to get eaten alive at the college + Jeany to practice her chess and Clem, don't wear out my Erotica 

All my love to all you   Ken
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