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"All this is done for the sake of the reunion of G-d with SchinĂ¡h"

4555 Henry Hudson Pkwy
Riverdale, NY, 10471

USA 22c
[[stamp]] NEW YORK. NY 10007 -PM 4 APR 1978[[/stamp]]


Lucy R. Lippard
Ashwell Farm
Halwell Totness
South Devon England


2 Second fold

DO not use tape or stickers to seal--No enclosures 

1 Fold first at notches

Additional message area

Mopfoot, a persona who appeared in me a few years ago her limbs are brooms, mops rags she grumbles. See all climbed a ladder to paradise - see-all over garbage as raw resources-food-we have & copy him - except at the top see-all-enliving paradise - laid an egg - splat! * Mopfoot of course had to clean up muttering. 4th Section The Artist's Hour - Empty - blessed be - I entered & went around & around & around - twirling like my head is & moving all the other [[crossed out]] sections [[/crossed out]] Houses./ Working on Henry is a BIG THING - no time - maddening. I wish I were 15 mystical union I feel such a deep thing sitting there women. 

I'm not smart about my "carver" - but I'm learning. I must raise $10,000 this year - Don't know where to begin + home + kids + keep my work alive. Your farm sounds exquisite. Do you miss all of us in crazy NYC? We miss you. I am so conscious that you're not here. And your working good? Does Ethan have red checks? My kids don't miss Manhattan. I miss it madly. See you soon. Hope you like Henry 5. Write if you can.