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4555 Henry Hudson Pkwy
Riverdale, N.Y. 10471

Jun. 7,[[strikethrough]]Jan.25,[[/strikethrough]] 
138 Prince St.
NYC 10012

Dear Mierle Laderman Ukeles,
I have recently completed a collection of essays on social-change art (still untitled) to be published by E.P. Dutton in Fall 1982.

I'd like to reproduce the work of yours indicated below in all editions of the book and any and all derivations thereof. Full credit will be given in whatever form you specify.

Please list full caption material (title, date,  medium, location, dimensions, as applicable). Any other specific information on the piece in question that would expand caption material is also welcome. Be sure photo credit is listed.

Your signature on one copy of this letter,returned to me as soon as possible with one 8 x 10" glossy black and white photo of the work, will be greatly appreciated.
[[left margin]]use photo from slide[[/left margin]]

Lucy R. Lippard
Lucy R. Lippard

Material to be printed: Touch Sanitation, July 24, 1979 - June 26, 1980.

Permission granted by Mierle Laderman Ukeles Date June 15,1982
Form of copyright acknowledgement you want printed: To follow shortly with other information for caption

Please tell me which slide you have & name of photographs. If no name listed - I'll need a Xerox of slide or something to identify photog. for credit.