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-"Dear Friend Worker," Artist's booklet distributed to 300 maintenance workers at 55 Water Street, a New York City skyscraper and to visitor's at the Whitney Museum Downtown, initiating 6-weeks' long performance: "I MAKE MAINTENANCE ART 1 HOUR EVERY DAY." (Maintenance Art Works, New York), Fall, 1976.

-"Maintenance Art Questionnaire," Artist's booklet distributed at exhibitions all over USA from 1973-1976. (Maintenance Art Works, New York), 1973.

-"Manifesto for Maintenance Art! 1969". Excerpted Jack Burnham, "Problems of Criticism," Artforum, (New York), January 1971; reprinted Gregory Battcock, ed., Idea Art, (Dutton, New York), 1973; also excerpted Lucy R. Lippard, ed., Six Years: the Dematerialization of the Art Object, (Prager, New York), 1973.


-On the Artist, by Author (selected).
[Please note: the ongoing public media, newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio concurrent with the TOUCH SANITATION PERFORMANCE, i.e. the public media filtering of public art, are considered an intrinsic component of the total art performance work, July, 1979 to end of 1980.]

-Bird; David, "Notes on People: An Artist Confronts a Gripping Challenge," New York Times, June 21, 1980.

-Bourdon, David, "Art," Village Voice, review of "I MAKE MAINTENANCE ART 1 HOUR EVERY DAY," (New York), October 4, 1976.

-Brightman, Carol. "Where Daily Work Is Transformed into Art," In These Times, (New York City), February 24-March 9, 1982.

-Burnham, Jack, "Problems of Criticism," Artforum, January, 1971.

-Burnside, Madeleine, "Politics of Analysis," Soho News (New York City), February 30, 1977.

-Chief. "Artist Begins Sanit. Odyssey." (New York City Civil Service Newspaper), August 3, 1979.

-Chief. "Artist Ends Sanit. Odyssey." (New York) July 11, 1980.

-Faludi, Susan C., "Portrait of the Sanitation Dept. Completed," Staten Island Advance, (New York), June 27, 1980.

-Fressola, Michael, "Artist is giving 'garbagemen' a new name," Staten Island Advance, (New York), December 6, 1979.

-Gastil, Raymond, "Give a Hand to the Garbageman," Seattle Sun. (Seattle), August 12, 1981.

-Glueck, Grace, "Art People," [full-column], New York Times (New York), August 10, 1979.

-Gross, Kenneth, "Art, Trash Go  Hand in Hand," Newsday, (New York City), July 25, 1979. First of three long articles.

______, "When Art and Life Go Hand in Hand," Newsday, (New York), January 28, 1980.

______, "All Hands Hail Her Final Shake," Newsday, Front Page and full-page inside, June 27, 1980.

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